Lathe CNC Retrofit Upgrade Kit

The Lathe CNC Retrofit / Upgrade kit is a low-cost alternative to expensive CNC lathes in the market. It is extremely user friendly, easy to maintain and easy to trouble shoot. With this system, you will be able to machine complex shapes and repeat the process to achieve perfect duplicate parts. Also complex shapes which were not possible to machin on conventional lathe are now possible. (ARC, Threading, Steps, Taper Threading, Boring, ID Facing, OD Facing, Parting etc)


Upgrade existing conventional Lathe to CNC Lathes
User friendly controller software enables graphic representation of job with automatic generation of G Code with wizards for different operations
Increased Productivity and faster machining cycles with perfect control of machine.
Increased Accuracy and Superier repeatibility
Automatic Tool changer capability
Highly configurable controller
Lower cycle times
Upgrades to accurate ball screw instead of lead screw on both axis
Controllable feed rate
Better surface finish
Highly accurate AC Drives with belt reduction for higher resolution and accuracy.
Low power consumption
No Skilled labour required.

** As accurate as your existing lathe

The kit includes AC Servo motors, shaft encoder, precision ball screws, bearings, mounting plates, breakout board, cables, power supply, controller cabinet, ups for controller.

Wizards are provided for the following so that machining can be done without the knowledge of G Codes.
OD Turning, ID/OD Facing, ID Boring, ID/OD Taper, OD Arc, ID/OD Fillet, OD Groove, OD/ID Threading, Taper Threading etc.

Controller Options:

Mach3 PC Based Controller
Siemens 808D Controller
Adtech CNC Controller
Hust CNC Controller

Automatic Tool Changer Turret - 4 Tool

Lathe CNC 4 Tool Post Turret Automatic Tool Changer

Services are available in following cities: Nasik, Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nagpur, Etc.. This product is developed by NT Engineers, Nasik.