DigiCut CNC OxyFuel Cutting Machine

We manufacture a wide range of standard and special purpose fixed CNC OxyFuel Profile cutting machines. Our greatest strength is our ability to adapt our standard equipment to fully satisfy your particular application. These machines are also upgradable to Plasma cutting machines.

Machine Features

  • Dual Drives on long axis
  • Customised Bed size: Band sizes available from 1.5M x 6.3M to 3M x 12M which is customisable as per customers requirement.
  • Industrial Grade ARM chip PLC Controller:
    7" Color LCD
    Industrial grade ARM chip PLC controller
    Standard shape library
    Allows download of nested drawings into controller
    Inbuilt nesting capabilities
    Corner speed control (reduce)
    Wireless remote control (optional Wireless pendant)
    Program storage (256MB)
    USB Port Program Transfer (Connect USB Flash Drives)
    Break point resume, auto power break resume,
    Mirror image
    Return to home feature
    G code data entry
    Drawing preview
    Test command for static run (Dry run)
    Break point memory
    Thick plate outside edge pierce and thin plate cross-bridge function
    Built in Kerf compensation function (0-10mm in 0.1mm increments)
    Basic Nesting on the fly
  • Dual drive AC Servo: Schneider / Panasonic Servo with 2500PPR / 10000 PPR Optical Encoder.
  • High precision planetary Gearboxes: High ratio reduction gearboxes provide excellent smoothness and resolution
  • Precision rack and pinion drives on X & Y Axis
  • Flexible cable carriers on both X & Y Axis
  • Multi torch options: Add upto 10 oxyfuel torches for higher productivity.
  • 50mm, 100mm, 150mm,300mm Cut Capacity: We supply torch with nozzle sets (NM type torch) which will cut upto 300mm MS. All torches are fitted with Flash Back arresters (Esab / Messer or equivalent) as standard safety equipment.
  • Auto Ignition system: Automatically lights up the OxyFuel torch
  • Auto Cycle:: Automatic ignition, preheat and cut cycles.
  • Smooth Ball screw Driven Z Axis
  • PC Based Mach3 Controller option also available with Touch Screen Monitor.

Manufactured by NT Engineers, Nasik, India.