Capacitive Torch Height Controller


Useful for Automatic Torch Height Control of Oxyfuel Torch
Fully Digital Capacitive Sensing System
32 Bit Microcontroller based design
Non Contact based system
Stepper / Servo motor based Z Axis control for higher precision and higher resolution
0.1mm accuracy
Several user settable parameters.
Rotary Dials to easily set the Height, Control Precision.

Package Consists of

1. Digital Capacitie Height Controller Unit
2. Sensing ring
3. Coaxial Cable - 1 M
4. Power Supply unit

The package does include the following unless ordered.

1. Sliding unit (Z Axis)
2. Stepper Motor & Driver OR
3. Servo Motor & Driver

The unit works as an independent unit and can be interfaced with a variety of CNC Controller or Mach3.

Product Videos

This product is developed by NT Engineers, Nasik.